Author’s recommended approach to reading Anthology

Posted on April 9th, by A. Robert Johnson in Foreign Policy. Comments Off on Author’s recommended approach to reading Anthology

April 9, 2021

Dear Visitor,

This 2012 tome is a comprehensive extract of profound literacy by literate people whose grasp of human susceptibilities to every dodge imaginable in human affairs has continually wrought extreme hardship and loss of credibility to anything representing “the best interests” of mankind. The Primo Levi quote in the Forward on page 2 of the 55-page tome encapsulates this phenomenon.

I have a profound admiration for our chroniclers’ gift for gathering the evidence of our propensity for inching ourselves ever closer to oblivion. I was helped in familiarizing myself with the works of the chosen chroniclers by what I think of as “skip-reading” when confronted by a particularly dense report on any given topic. An example of this is George Kennan’s mia culpa leading to Walter Lippmann’s attribution of Kennan’s famous “Long Cable,” and distortion of it for a career-long elevation of himself as an astute judge of the conduct of U.S. foreign policy, when in fact he had an acutely parochial interest in the subject. His entire career as a columnist was based on this deceit, which Mr. Kennan was too civil to call by that name. … Read More »