Anthology – Peoples’ Plan for Life, Now and Forever …

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“It is among us, in a glass of milk. It is inserted in a very complex, long chain, yet such that almost all of its links are acceptable to the human body. It is swallowed; and since every living structure harbors a savage distrust toward every contribution of any material of living origin, the chain is meticulously broken apart and the fragments, one by one, are accepted or rejected.”

That quote from Primo Levi’s Periodic Table is his description of carbon, the smallest, essential ingredient for all life. I quote it here to advise the reader that I am aiming this treatise at the single person who can read and understand its premise. The hope is that, like carbon, this person will find other people (cells) with which to combine to form the essential building block that will bring into focus the undiscovered element in the human genome – the one that insists on protecting all life.

I make the claim here that no war ever fought need have been. I back this up with testimony by authors whose work is unimpeachable. It is also eminently readable. I’ve been following this literary path to understanding the dilemma of humankind for the better part of 55 years. No one not already well-read will catch up to me, especially the average person going about his life the way most of us do – making a living, raising a family, pursuing professional interests and experiencing pleasure in being alive, especially if s/he doesn’t have 55 years to devote to the task. Anthology won’t substitute for the reader’s curiosity, nor can it inform the reader beyond the tantalizing realization that there is so very much more to know than any of us can ever learn. No – I am critically aware that after all the research, experience and superb publications already in print – Anthology can do little more than scratch a nerve somewhere. Perhaps it can become a small part of someone’s ability to investigate the origins of behavior – behavior that can only lead to eliminating all life on the planet. Perhaps the reader can help devise a collective response to prevent that happening. As Anthology makes apparent, humans have already come within an eyelash of ending it all, and have already caused the untimely and horrible deaths of uncountable numbers of our fellow beings. The failure to take notice of where this is leading can only result over time to the extinction of all life on the planet.

You are it, Reader. You are, I hope, the person who will find the means of discovery and transmittal to the rest of us, just what it is that is missing from our calculations about life that leads us to believe we can continue to do away indiscriminately with other living things without realizing that we are committing suicide.

Obviously these thoughts are not entertaining. But they are purposeful ­­– which is to stimulate a dialogue that will lead to protocols being established that, whence discovery of intent to use violence — even the suggestion of it, a process of sanctioning will have been triggered so constricting as to rule it out. Nuclear armed nations will, by definition as “nuclear powers,” have to take the lead, the United States, first and foremost because of its exclusive role as the first to use a nuclear bomb on other people. An enlightened populace that is capable of developing a collective conscience should be able to acknowledge this. The process is already underway. Now it must be completed. Our system provides the means. Conscience is all that remains to be brought to the forefront of the effort.

June 26, 2011

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