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Righteous Indignation Ought to be Suspect in Anyone

Adolf Hitler is our best example of this. His Mein Kampf was in fact not sincere. He figured out what people wanted to hear and gave it to them (and it obviously just rolled off his tongue and from the tip of his pen.) Do not buy this book. It sickens. A very close friend and neighbor, a Jew, willed me his copy. I won’t even quote from it here. I’d like to point out that its vitriol and claims of eminent triumph of the Germanic peoples were written on paper and with a pen provided by his jailers while he served out a token sentence for sedition in a Munich jail in 1926. Upon his release, he was treated like a hero and would soon be regarded as a martyr to the “national socialist” cause (his very own creation – the Nazi ideology). You know the rest.

Raul Hilberg The Extermination of the European Jews, [originally in three volumes – unabridged, from which his 1985 edition was extracted, published by Holmes & Meier, New York & London] the outstanding example of adherence to a record of behavior documented by those whose behavior is the subject of the book – uninflected, adorned, or editorialized in any way. Many in the Jewish community despise him for this, for he asserts, from the documented record, that Jewish leaders facilitated the extermination of their own people by adhering to customs that would not be surrendered, even under the duress of clear lethal intent by those who benefited from this culture, namely the exterminators. It greatly facilitated the fulfillment of their goal.

The authors whose work I’ve surveyed over the years, some of whom appear in  Anthology, lead me to think Jews have every reason to believe in themselves as Jews, religious or not. Christianity in its numerous forms is directly descendent from Judaism. (See reference to the obituary of David Flusser, below.) The messages of Christianity to its followers depend, in many instances, on a denial of validity by any other faith, if the premises of faith in Christianity as the only “true” religion are to be credited, setting in motion the conflicts with which we have become familiar. Warrants of passage to life after death have been issued in which no possible faith can be placed, unless fear based. Indeed – considering the number of assaults on small populations of believers in faiths not represented by large numbers – you have to ask, what is so threatening? Moreover, in the case of Jews, they are famous for their capacity for tolerance of others, for assimilation and for consistent contributions at the highest levels of every society into which they are integrated. Leonard Woolf and Paul Newman come immediately to mind. Contrarily, many are those who credit Jews with overwhelming power, no matter how small their number, organized or not, in any community that tolerates them, wanting nothing to do with them. Given that kind of discrimination, Jews have to have faith, don’t you agree? Faith in humanity, especially their own!

The lesson of course is not peculiar to the Jews, but to humanity. It was a Jewish tribe known as the Zealots whose behavior brought the word into common usage. They famously were given the option to live if they’d agree to accept Roman law, having been cornered in a cave, and refused, leading to the death of the entire tribe.

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