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Let another version of this phenomenon inform your understanding – that of Germany, as documented by it and related from their record by Mr. Hilberg.

[Page 59] “We have seen how, in consecutive steps, the Jewish community was isolated socially, crowded into special houses, restricted in its movements, and exposed by a system of identification. This process, which we have called ghettoization, was completed with the institution of a Jewish administrative apparatus through which the Germans exercised a stranglehold on the Jewish population. For our understanding of how the Jews were ultimately destroyed, it is essential to know the origins of the Jewish bureaucratic machine. The Jews had created that machine themselves….

[Page 160] “Until 1940, emigration plans had been confined to a consideration of the resettlement of thousands or, as in the case of the Schacht plan, 150,000 Jews. The Madagascar project was designed to take care of millions of Jews. The authors of the plan wanted to empty the Reich-Protectorat area and all of occupied Poland of their Jewish population….Briefly, the African island of Madagascar was to be ceded by France to Germany in a peace treaty. The German navy was to have its pick of bases on the island, and the remainder of Madagascar was to be placed under the jurisdiction of a police governor responsible directly to Heinrich Himmler. The area of the police governor was to become a Jewish reservation. The resettlement of the Jews was to be financed through the utilization of Jewish property left behind.

“This plan, according to Abteilung Deutschland, was greatly preferable to the establishment of a Jewish community in Palestine. In the first place, Palestine belonged to the Christian and Moslem worlds. Second, if the Jews were kept in Madagascar, they could be held as hostages to ensure the good conduct of their “racial comrades” in America. Heydrich did not need these arguments. For him it was enough that practically the whole island was to be governed by the SS and Police. But the Madagascar plan did not materialize. It hinged on the conclusion of a peace treaty with France, and such a treaty depended on an end of hostilities with England. With no end to the hostilities there was no peace treaty, and with no peace treaty there was no Madagascar.

[Page 198] “In Stanisławow, about 10,000 Jews had been gathered at a cemetery and shot on October 12, 1941. Another shooting took place in March 1942, followed by a ghetto fire lasting for three weeks. A transport was sent to Belżec in April, and more shooting operations were launched in the summer, in the course of which Jewish council members and Order Service men were hanged from lampposts. Large transports moved out to Belżec in September and October, an occasion marked by the bloody clearing of a hospital and (according to reports heard by a German agricultural official) a procession of Jews moving to the train station on their knees…

“During the second half of 1942, reports were also received about Jews who scattered into the woods during the “evacuations.” Again the greatest activity seems to have occurred in Galicia. In October 1942 the propaganda division of Lwów reported:

‘The resettlement of the Jews, which in part takes on forms that are no longer worthy of a Kulturvolk, actually provokes comparison of the Gestapo with the GPU. The transport trains are said to be in such bad condition that it is impossible to prevent breakouts by Jews. As a consequence there is wild shooting and there are regular manhunts at the transit stations. Furthermore, it is reported that corpses of shot Jews are lying around for days in the streets. Although the German and also the non-German population are convinced of the necessity of a liquidation of all Jews, it would be appropriate to carry out this liquidation in a manner that would create less sensation and less disgust…’

“The largest single clash between Jews and Germans occurred in the ghetto of Warsaw. For the further development of the destruction process, this armed encounter was without consequence. In Jewish history, however, the battle is literally a revolution, for after two thousand years a policy of submission the wheel had been turned and once again Jews were using force.

“After the armed resistance of the Jews was broken, two tasks had to be completed. In accordance with Himmler’s wish, the entire ghetto was to be razed, and every dugout, cellar, and sewer was to be filled in. After the conclusion of this work the whole area was to be covered with earth…”

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