Anthology – Peoples’ Plan for Life, Now and Forever …

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Now, Dear reader, after all of the forgoing, do you appear in these accounts of the American experience? Be honest. Put yourself in Henry Adams’s frame, all of it, including observations you will see below in Emboli, and see what fits.

            The banality is that so many free citizens – : “The people, the final arbiters, can be seen to fail routinely in their modest role as citizens by virtue of their capacity to listen to the nonsense of ideologues and pretenders of every stripe, nearly all of whom are revealed to have a profit motive or a personal aggrandizement driving their agenda, the great weakness in our own system.”


The Song of the Genome in Simplest Arithmetic

Life comes in a spiral.

To live, we must be viral.

People believe they are a species

That disposes of its feces.

Their disappointment is acute when

Lo! they discover a crossed bar

That reveals how viral we humans are.

The sense of superiority over others

is diminished by the olfactory sense.

Other species use smell to get their way,

With the consequence of being less dense.

The odors we produce are not obscured

by our habit of opening trenches,

in which to fling that which we can’t abide,

In our endless attempts to obscure the stenches

We cannot hide.

Humanity’s way of creating early demise,

Covering up its acts by means all can surmise,

Leads one to ask: What species then, can abort these acts,

Since all humans ignore the facts?


And what now will be the air

That settles upon the earth, no longer fair?

As none can compare what can’t be survived,

When all the witnesses will have died.

A. Robert Johnson

May 13, 2011


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