Anthology – Peoples’ Plan for Life, Now and Forever …

Posted on August 25th, by A. Robert Johnson in Foreign Policy. Comments Off on Anthology – Peoples’ Plan for Life, Now and Forever …

What can we do now?


The confusion of language, of purpose, and of belief, add immeasurably to the prospect of Armageddon. All the information contained in Anthology is verifiable from its primary sources. Any and all information available to any citizen affecting the lives of them all needs be inserted into the curriculum that goes into our textbooks at the earliest possible time in intellectual development. By the age of 16 every citizen in the United States should have been provided this information and given the means of ingesting and retaining it for rational purposes. It is without a doubt an informed citizenry that will see to it that mistakes do not continue to be made. Ignorance is not bliss, although citizens in some of our 50 states seem bent on disproving this. Are there any that would ban the content offered here from their schools’ curriculum?

The following actions can and should be taken to assure that the habit of learning politics for purposes of aggrandizement of personal enrichment can and should be stopped — permanently. Get real! you say. This is totally against human nature. No. You get real, if that is how you think, for if you do not, the only reality you will ultimately come to believe will be that of the last few seconds of existence for all life, just before it all ends. So —

  1. No person espousing God, any version of the term, as a reason for decisions taken in the name of the people, should be allowed anywhere near elective office at any level of governance.
  2. Known behavior of which humans are capable, verified by primary sources, seen in Anthology’s vignette, must be taught universally.
  3. Everything possible towards developing concern for life, not just human life, but all life, needs be vigorously pursued, using any and all references that will encourage it. Standards can and should be brought into existence through existing institutions that will affirm the principle. To begin, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted and proclaimed on 10 December 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations must be “…displayed, read and expounded principally in schools and other educational institutions, without distinction based on the political status of countries or territories.”
  4. These expressions of concern being advocated need to  be vigorously acted upon in the form of regard for all populations of the planet, beginning with, but not limited to assurance ridding the world of nuclear weapons, of providing safe water, minimum caloric intake and eradication of preventable disease.
  5. The United States must take the lead in the eradication of nuclear weapons. It was the first nation to develop and use them on a human population. Unless it takes the lead, all other nations, but especially those wishing ill to the U.S., will be more than ever devoted to their use on our population. We know that any advantage any nation can claim over any other is only temporary. Unless we are suicidal, we will not continue ignoring this fact. Footnote (Dec. 6, 2011) news: “The latest, U.S. super-secret drone failed over Iran and has been lost.” Footnote 2: (Dec. 8, 2011) Philip Taubman’s Opinion column in the NY Times on the need for the U.S. to lead in weapons denuclearization.

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