Anthology – Peoples’ Plan for Life, Now and Forever …

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Summer Solstice 2012

Primo Levi’s Survival at Auschwitz quote (Collier Books, 1961; ISBN 0-02-034310-8) Anthology Copyright © 2012: Jessica Johnson, video and sound integration; A. Robert Johnson, non-attributed text and photographs, Robert Hess, original tune, lyrics and performance of “Headin’ for Armageddon,” Iain Hamilton’s Sonata Notturno with NY Philomusica, performed  by A. Robert Johnson, horn and  Robert Levin, piano. All rights anywhere in the world reserved by the author where not otherwise noted.

All quotes in Anthology are offered here under the “Fair Use” provisions of American copyright law. The author has included publishers’ ISBN numbers and other identifying information, for books from which the extracts are quoted, some of which are no longer in print but may be found on the many search services offered via the Internet, such as Powell Books, Abe Books and Wonder Books or in libraries. Readers are of course encouraged to purchase the entire books. None of the partners to the effort to write and publish Anthology to the web are receiving financial compensation. For special use and permissions, please use the ‘Contact the Author’ web form on this website.

In the U.S. there are a number of not-for-profit organizations authorized under U.S. Treasury code 501©3 and U.S. Department of Defense agencies that exist for the purpose of bringing aid to veterans who have been injured and/or disabled during their service in the U.S. military. The author encourages readers interested in the well-being of veterans to make contributions to any of the organizations that can be found listed on the Internet that the reader is satisfied meets his/her standard of delivery of services and is tax deductible. The author’s criterion also includes adherence to a maximum of 20% of the overall budget of the listed charity in the delivery of the service. This percentage is widely used and believed to be a reasonable amount in the not-for-profit world. Above that amount, the reader would have to be satisfied as to the justification for it, and of course can give to any charity h/she sees fit.


The author is grateful to Jessica Johnson for the production of the videos, Finn Johnson for assistance with the establishment of this website, and for editing suggestions offered during the writing of Anthology by Margaret L. Evans, Lisa Johnson, George Walsh and Dr. Robert Welch.

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