Peace With Israel

Posted on December 6th, by A. Robert Johnson in Foreign Policy. Comments Off on Peace With Israel

The historic certainty in the minds of Jews worldwide is encapsulated in Bibi Netanyahu’s father’s life’s work. Netanyahu père was the author of an exhaustive study of the Spanish Inquisition. He was convinced that there will never be a time when people will not do their best to kill every Jew, for which point of view there is ample evidence. Ehud Olmert, Israel’s Prime Minister from April 2006 to March 2009, in an interview on PBS of November 2012 with Charlie Rose, asserted that the process of finding a peaceful resolution between Jews and Palestinians in Israel is encumbered by the fear that were Israel to assume a course that fulfilled the promise of a one state democratic entity, Jews risk becoming a minority.

Given the abject failure of guarantees of security for Israel by successive U.S. governments to eliminate violence and the threat of it in the region as the result of the issue of abrogation of Palestinians’ rights by Israel, the single policy choice for the U.S. and Israel is to go ahead with the democratic state inferred in Israel’s founding documents, thereby assuring the state’s security by guarantee of the entire world community. At the same stroke, the issue of any subsequent perceived abrogation of rights by Israel will be addressed through the same mechanisms employed elsewhere in the community of nations, which in and of itself should act as a powerful dis-incentive to Israel, or the Palestinians, to engage in such policies.

A. Robert Johnson
December 6, 2012

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